Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I truly miss Italian gum. I finished my last stick yesterday and accidentally bought Trident Splash Vanilla Mint which only reminds me of trips to the dentist. Why can't they sell gum like they do in Italy, 40 little pieces in a box with a breathfreshening bit of eucalyptus in the middle. Ok, I'll stop.

As I listened to what seemed to be the life story of some man from Ontario, I wondered if I could get used to this job. It is already Wednesday, midway through week one, and I have been answering questions and happily diverting calls when the little phone rings here. Well it isn't too little, its one of those phones that has three parts and needs little stands to hold it up. This place does help students pay for their education among many other things and I can wear fancy nice clothes to work. I don't think I could answer phones for the rest of my life. I have hit that tender time in life where I won't stand for what I don't like anymore because I am on that chase for that life career. The job I have for now will be great, nice people, nice work environment, good pay, but in the back of my mind I am still wondering what type of routine I could ever get used to, if any. So the search continues.

Meanwhile, I saw the man and his violin again today, determined to make music, still ignored by most passing. I wonder to myself if I will ever build the courage to talk to the man, ask him what he is playing. Would I pretend to hear his imaginary music or would I ask him what he is trying to do and crush his determination?

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naila=) said...

yes... routine does kind of suck. unfortunately, this summer i have come to the realization that in life, no matter what kind of exciting and exotic career you make for yourself, a little tedious routine is somewhat inescapable. but as long as you know that at some point you have to do a little of that, i think the rest is smooth-sailing (and interesting)... thoughts?xxx