Monday, August 21, 2006

retrospective on my weekend

After 15 phone messages and catching up with life at the office, here I am to wring some words out of my system. I need to write an article for work, so I am trying to get the mental juices flowing. It's surprisingly quiet and for some strange reason I've lost my ambiance music, it kind of makes me sad and a little nuts. Well not too nuts, just peaceful. No ringing, no classical music, just silence and the sound of me typing. Maybe this is better, a bit of meditative moments at the office.

I had a quiet weekend mostly to myself to regroup, recollect and resurface. I was in a downright foul mood on Friday even though I did not spend the day at work but volunteering. The foulness was alleviated slightly by hanging out with my sister and watching a crazy funny movie called Flirting with Disaster, basically common truths extrapolated to the utmost degree. Good times (you are NOT good B and B people!)

Saturday was spent getting an early morning haircut, doing some intense yoga (and finally getting that handstand I have been attempting to do ALL summer) and a chillaxed evening with a Spanish movie called Sex and Lucia, a spanishly circular, wonderfully sensual and poetic, slightly erotic portrait of a writer. It really appealed to my sensibilities, and I drifted off to sleep content.

Sunday was a rainy day but still the parents and I ventured out to Milano and Jean Talon market for foodstuffs. Amazingly it was quite busy out there. It's quite fun to hang out with my parents, they're such positive kooky people. I laugh a lot and enjoy myself, man they're awesome people. My mother seems to have preserved this childlike excitement for everything, and that sense that everything must be done immediately. I don't get it, but it's wonderful. We also headed for an expertly crafted lunch at my Aunt and Uncle's house with perhaps the funniest sounding most delicious corn I've ever tasted. Picture 5 people eating long cobs of corn that is so crunchy you can hear all the kernels popping off the cob in what sounds like a cross between a downpour, applause and fireworks. I couldn't help laughing at one point. Man that was a good moment.

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