Thursday, August 03, 2006

lost in words

today was a day of travel on high speed trains across the boot that is italy. i got lost in my book today, feverishly trying to finish it, never getting to the end. the train ride back felt like I had entered a poirot novel with its cabins with facing rows of seats. whirring through rain and sun past italian countryside, the passages of the shadow of the wind have been unfurling in my mind. a meeting with marina, shopping at gs, and a dinner later and I am still entranced in the novel wondering how it will ever end and when it will ever end. it sure has been a long time since I have been so entranced in a novel, I had to force myself through the first 6 chapters to become hooked but i finally managed to get involved. as the sun sets I realize i have one final full day in milan and then i will be heading back to canada for a month chez moi before returning to this boot. i should go and finish this novel and put my frenetic mind to rest.

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