Tuesday, June 07, 2011


“Immensity is within ourselves. It is attached to a sort of expansion of being that life curbs and caution arrests, but which starts again when we are alone. As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewehere; we are dreaming in a world that is immense. Indeed, immensity is the movement of motionless man. It is one of the dynamic characteristics of quiet daydreaming.” – Gaston Bachelard.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Laughing into the Unconscious

Last night I went to see Dave St Pierre's Un peu de tendresse bordel de merde. Amidst intense work for my dissertation, this production of raw primality, emotion and movement was just the thing to bring me out of my intellectual headspace. With dancers infiltrating into the audience in various states (of undress), there was no way not to be confronted, engaged and involved.

Throughout the performance, I tried to make sense of it all, a lot of scenes marrying adult situations with unfiltered childish emotion. Some of the emotion and movement were extremely raw to the point that select audience members were uncomfortable and some actually left. But throughout it all, humour also came to the forefront, bringing the audience along the journey into a space both strange and fascinating.

Whenever I have done automatic writing, and really let go, the funniest little moments have appeared. When I am most comfortable, I can be absolutely hilarious, without trying, without second thought. Humour can be a great indicator of digging deep. Sometimes in yoga class, when I have really let go of self-consciousness, I smile, I laugh, I forget which is left and which is right.

Just a thought for a Saturday, let go, forget, smile and laugh. :)