Thursday, August 17, 2006

my mission

Too many words spilled on pages never read. I hesitate to type the next sentences wondering where they will live on, in silence, in print, flashing black and white. Who it will reach and swim bitterly in the mouths of haters, dance happily in the minds of lovers. Words broadcasting out to the world to no one in particular, joining the flood of typed text in the newspapers, on billboards, typed on bright
computer screens. Flowing out and trickling down into the sewer, getting lost in pools of ink, getting drained to rivers of waste, to be forgotten, to be unused. But far from the black seas of unread ink there are those words that shine crisply on the page, struck so proudly on the page they indent the paper making sure they will stand still. Those words speak loud to readers' eyes, snaking excitedly from sight to thought, igniting a frenzy of inspiration. There you have the very special meaning of words laden with honesty, they inflate others with emotion, send waves to their fingertips that scream for a keyboard or a pen. And thus the tradition continues, and words scratched years ago with a feathery quill and bronze ink on parchment ignite the phrases of the keyboard into a new document.


naila=) said...

i like this 'snapshot' of an emotion style of your more recent posts -i hope to be more snapshotty and prosey again once the MCAT is done consuming my mind and spits it back out so it can resume a freer existence ;) looking forward to seeing you soon... (i'm not trying to make your blog a blob btw ;) -am particulary a fan of your last line in this one btw --hugs

your said...
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