Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am incredibly happy. There are moments when I have to tell myself: I am in Italy, I am alive, I am alive in Italy. I had one of these moments with Carly, having a picnic on the walls of Lucca. There was a nice breeze, we had bread we had cheese, I tasted the best peach of my life (yellow huge and juicy) and I was alive in Italy (and still am). After this lunch from divine powers, I had a great huge plan to visit two gardens and two museums. Getting a bit lost, we plopped ourselves down in the luxurious Italian garden of palazzo Pfanner and decided that what we needed was to cool off, to change my shoes, for me to apply more crema doposole and get food for dinner. This whole affair interspersed with shopping (Lucca is some sort of manageable heaven of a shopping town) took perhaps the whole afternoon. But we had fun, we chatted, we found books, we looked for wireless, we failed miserably, we made dinner, we read. I don't think I have sweat so much in my life, I am not able to wear the same shirt two days in a row and I sweat profusely in the night. Man, it's good to be alive. Luckily, today it just may rain. Grazie a dio.

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