Wednesday, August 02, 2006

little bits of goodness

I had a bunch of good moments yesterday, so I am going to make a list because I don't feel much like writing. Currently I am in Pisa which is really nothing but a leaning tower that doesn't even lean that much and a bunch of church buildings. Woo.

Wonderful moments of yesterday:
early morning stroll through empty lucca
reading on the battlements on a shade covered bench
finding lucchese olive oil and wine
buying a shirt that fits my body type just right and getting some strappy sandals
visiting the cathedral museum alone during a violent thunderstorm amidst medieval music
getting a free chocolate sample at a shop that was out of this world (and i have no idea what it was)
being mistaken for spanish, polish, italian, french everything but american or canadian
dressing up for dinner with carly and hitting the town
turning heads
finding a restaurant with a handwritten menu
seeing a family of three adopted children and two fathers, wonderfully responsible and content
talking to carly about family futures, and all the possibilities
eating a dinner of two courses, wine and water for 15€
befriending a couple from london\burma and laughing away
feeling sexy both at the beginning and end of the night
finishing off the night with a tiramisu amidst salsa music

great moments brought to you by stefan zebrowski-rubin


Carly said...

Amazing night... I will miss being sexy with you...

naila=) said...

i really enjoyed that synopsis just now stefan -still very sense-evoking even though it was brief --so glad you feel alive and sexy and are continuing to take in everything you possibly can...