Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post-Halloween Ramble

Weeks before Halloween, a friend asked if I was excited for the holiday. And, honestly, I just shrugged and gave a non-committal answer. But looking back on the last two days, from preparation to party, I've discovered that I actually enjoy Halloween quite a lot. It's fun to dress up and look wild, pretend to be creatures and other people, slap on the makeup and just enjoy.

Friday night I was slated to go to a zombie party and never having dressed up as a zombie, I didn't know where to start. Upon googling zombie, I discovered that pale-faced, sunken-eyed and bloody were the ways to go. Liking to make things myself, I looked up a recipe for fake blood and concocted the creation using corn syrup, corn starch, cocoa powder, food colouring and a bit of water. The results were scary.

Getting my costume together involved ripping a shirt I was going to get rid of and "bloodying" it. I also spent some time doing makeup, which turned out to be incredibly fun... I ended up snapping a whole bunch of photos making faces in the mirror. Before I even stepped out the door, I was satisfied. Honestly, I could have taken the photos and then taken off the makeup and gone to bed I was so satisfied. But I did party down with my fellow zombies and reveled in the costumed landscape of people.

On Halloween proper, Dad and I carved a pumpkin with fabulously sordid results.

That night I was dressing up as Max from Where The Wild Things Are. I was pretty happy with the creativity of my costume, made possible by Dollarama. A tail out of socks, ears made out of a carwash glove, a construction paper crown and a sweatsuit turned inside out. A cuddly cute costume, it seemed like only an intelligent informed few were in the know as I was taken for a tiger, a raccoon and multiple times as a rabbit. Nonetheless, I had a great time dancing away, King of the Wild Things.

In retrospect, dressing up and changing up your identity are such fun. I am already looking forward to the next time I get to switch up Stefan for someone/something else. Bring back the costume party!

So that's my ramble. Peace.


Thomas said...

Looks quite real actually.


Hi, I looove your blog it's very avant-garde. I'm now following you via rss feed, wanna follow me too??



Hi, thanks for the comment! you look awesome! new posts wanted ;)


The Concrete Commentator said...

awww.. so cute.