Saturday, November 07, 2009

Of Knapsacks, Manbags and Murses : Health vs. Fashion

A Rant.

Last year, I carried around a shoulder bag wherever I went. I thought it was chic, and it was comfortable enough. But as I did more and more yoga, slinging around my yoga stuff in a shoulder bag, I started having strange back pains. My yoga teacher said that I should really always have weight distributed equally along my shoulders so that my back wouldn't suffer. A knapsack. So, eversince, I've been wandering around with a backpack.

But how professional can you feel, going to work with your backpack? Is there such a thing as a professional looking knapsack? And what of all these people with shoulder bags, and oversized manbags, and murses? Won't their backs hate them in the future? It makes me wonder, as well, at what point you sacrifice your health for fashion. Women do it all the time in the crazy heels that they wear. Can't there be a happy healthy medium? I am envisioning some sort of bag with bilateral gun-holster-like straps... Someone needs to get creative.


The Concrete Commentator said...

love the idea. You should design something...just make sure it's chic. I'll buy one!

annemarie said...

word. i've always envisioned that (and once or twice clipped extra straps onto shoulder bags to approximate it). you'll make like a hundred million dollars if you design it. hell yes!


Hi, haaaave a nice weekend! Thanks for the comment, and come back to see the new posts, you'll love it! ;)


Thomas said...

I carry a manbag but I never use the strap. I carry like a baby. I wonder if it better for the back that way. I carry it like this because I never want to wrinkle my shirt. LOL. Good post.