Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga: Queen of Art, Queen of Pop

One of my favorite moments from her new music/art video, Bad Romance: Lady Gaga sings to herself in an ornately framed mirror, wearing a charred crown.

As a pop star, Lady Gaga has harnessed the power of her music, her marketing, and created works of art that reflect the world in which we live, a world that thrives on fashion, fame, gossip, sensationalism and moments of strange beauty. In her latest video, Gaga takes us on a journey to a strange place inhabited by strange creatures, dances and fashions. From brocade eye-shields to crowns of different forms, from Alexander McQueen to bejeweled breadbasket-like headpieces, and from bear-rug-as-dress to super-dilated pupils, Lady Gaga has outdone herself yet again. Gone are the days of the one-costume dancing-singing music video. A visionary, Gaga has created a world, created an aesthetic and considered every detail of every frame. Such a dynamic video art.

She exploits our imaginations (in the best way possible), bombards our eyes (making us want to watch the video 5, 8, two hundred times; watch Bad Romance for yourself) and endlessly fascinates our minds. In an age when we as people are constantly buzzing from one thing to the next, phone calls, news stories, emails, websites all in one, Gaga has the ability to capture our short attention spans by giving us MORE than we can possibly take in. In the image below, the pop supernova (can star really cut it anymore?) is at the center of her own orbit, and with such an avantgarde taste and daring, how could she not be?

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I am insanely in love with her new song/video, it rocks!!

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