Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A blog away... where Yoga Meets Fashion

When I am not waxing philosophical about life or sharing my most recent travel shots over here on my personal blog, I am mining recent fashion shoots I find online for yoga poses. And I love it.

The idea started when I did a double-take browsing through a recent fashion shoot on one of the blogs I follow. Was that a yoga pose? It was indeed. Before long I was finding poses all over the place in fashion spreads. And thus the idea was born. Why not share the dynamic and yogic poses found in fashion with the world? You get to see fashion spreads in a whole new way, I get to have fun looking for poses and everyone (at least all the yogis and yoginis) share a sly knowing smile at the double life of the poses featured on the daily blog. I have so much fun putting it together.

People out in the blogosphere have loved it so much that Strike A Pose: Yoga Meets Fashion (go take a look!) has a regular column (or more like picture of the week) at the New York-based style blog Terregalia (where I have been known to write a piece or two) and was recently featured on the Montreal-based but widely-loved all things yoga and beyond blog It's All Yoga, Baby!

Rejoice and enjoy, marvel at the fashion, marvel at the yoga pose!

Strike A Pose: Where Yoga Meets Fashion - http://yogameetsfashion.blogspot.com


perezvila™ said...

HEY stef! i really enjoyed this one other blog of yours!!!

Heba said...

Fab! Love this. Thanks for the inspiration.