Friday, November 10, 2006

Questioning Foundations

I left class excited, walking home with a spark to my step. Exploring the ideas of post-modernism in my Sociology of Art class had my mind leaping with excitement. These ideas appeal to me, reflections on the state of the world, culling possible answers to the truth we live daily. And it was all in Italian. And I understood.

A few weeks back, or really last week, I was asking myself what I was doing in Italy, what I was doing in college, why I was even bothering with all this learning stuff. But now I know, I think. These ideas, this learning, fuels a creative energy, a thirst to want to know more, to want to explore these universal ideas and their individual meanings. After all, the past is always flowing into the present.

I want to get this down, because the next time I ask myself why I am in college, why I am going to class, why I am not out there doing something, I have to look back. Academia is the realm where we can sit back and reflect as one big body asking itself what is going on out there. I write on an almost daily basis wanting to reflect on my moments, wanting to understand what is going on. Academia just does that on a more heady level. Push aside the big words and the complicated names and all you really have is reflection, a sharing of ideas, different points of view. Explore those ideas and you will get books, works of art, plays, thesi. All wander the path of reflection and exploration, all represent a valid truth.

I walked out of my Sociology of Art class feeling as if there were a few new tints colouring the world. And in this world of college, we are all just trying to see the world, find our own and pick those hues we want to brush across the sky.

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