Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Confusion Remixed

They took away my window and Mother Earth and Father Time conspired to leave me in the dark. All hours of the night and day are now pitch black without electrical light. The sunflower looks down at its roots in shame, the flowers in my fields never open their buds, long endless night. They will come back today to bring me back my window, give me back the rays of sunlight, give me back the rise and fall of the day.

A friend sleeps on my floor and I can’t stop smiling or laughing. She brings news of her existence, stories of the world I left still spinning. We catch up, chat about everything, rewind and play stories from long ago, remember, reminisce. We’ll have little adventures all this week and then, just as she came, she’ll go, and I will have a floor again. For now I’ll hold on to the moments trickling slowly out of my hands and smile once again.

Out of the blue they asked me to register my machine and barred me from dancing around the world wide web, in contact with the world. But I will find a way, I will reach out and touch the hands of outstretched arms, and hold their hand a little stronger even if it means I’ll have to let go more often. Even so, I found the superhighway, registered for an exam, sent out my love in quickly composed notes. Once again, I’ll figure it out, it is never impossible, just obstacled.

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