Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Monster Mash

In honour of Halloween, or more appropriately, in honour of the fact that we have a day off for All Saints' Day on November 1st, Chiara decided to host a party and strapped me and Stephanie into the planning. So, yesterday, off we went to Ipercoop, a huge supermarket a busride outside of the center of Ferrara. Sarah had spoken of the immenseness of the place, but nothing prepared me for this monstrosity. The supermarket I usually go to is tiny, small enough that if you decided not to buy anything you have to wait in the checkout line anyways. It was wonderful to take a little expedition within Ferrara, we three bounded into the supermarket and, in a frenzy, bought the necessary provisions for a Halloween bash and night of merriment (including a zucca di halloween for only 1.68 euro).

I came home with the pumpkin for Sarah and I to take charge of before the party and after dinner. We carved away, a cute little Jack-O-Lantern, our child, and primped ourselves up as Madonna and Tony Manero (Saturday Night Fever; take a stab at who was who). The party was flooded with Italians chatting up the hallways and learning American drinking games, and in the flurry of it all with strange costumes (Stephanie and Sarah went all 80s, while Chiara bangled up to the gipsy level and well, Hezzy showed up with sunglasses created by his cousins and a fishing rod), I forgot about the weight that my days have taken on here in Ferrara.

I went to bed happy, tired, tipsy. The secret to feeling a little more content here in Ferrara must surely be taking on a personal velocity. That then is my objective in this quiet town.

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