Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'll be home for Christmas

A Christmas tree just as tall as the duomo now stands in the square in front of it. Lights canopy the streets. A huge gift market is open every day selling ornaments, gifts and food products. Where a book market used to be a carousel, strangely displaced, now stands, curtained with vertical stripes of red and white during the day. With a month until Christmas, Ferrara has transformed into a city for the season.

Smelling pine in the square, I was immediately excited to be home for the holidays. I had originally thought that I would simply stick it out in Italy. But, of course, the mother would have it no other way and I was told I would have a ticket home. So come the 22nd, I will leave Europe and land in Canada in a feat of flying back through time and will be home with family for the holidays. Yay.

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