Friday, November 24, 2006

Giving Thanks

Lovely. In one word, that is what it was. The tension of cooking for 14, the worries of getting everything done in time, setting up the apartment, making sure that everyone is content. There was more than enough food, endless conversation, a toast to giving thanks complete with drunken participants, late arrivals, little tensions and schisms. It really was Thanksgiving.

Get a bunch of people together, add plenty of food, a little wine and away you go: socialization, merriment, and good times. A pretty simple recipe if you ask me, easier than trying to recreate your aunt’s lasagna. Having my dear Angela here with me this week has been a laugh and a half and a tender spirit warmer. The mix of Italians and Midd kids created a lovely dynamic, and a good time was had by all :P

I am thankful for being here in Italy, having Angela share a week with me, having a loving family a phone call or an email away, having a roommate on which I can depend and whom I trust completely (we even start thinking similarly at this point…), the opportunity to travel so much, the chance to dream, the chance to learn. I am happy and healthy and in Italy. Not bad at all.

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