Monday, January 18, 2010

The Wild West and Chasing Success

Yesterday I took the morning to relax, catch up on emails and try to anchor down a little more. I walked over through Marrickville and into Newtown to Carriageworks to meet Talya for lunch. The walk over was strange, and, you guessed it, a bit unreal. This feeling of where am I? and what is this? permeates everything so far. The walk was odd because I sort of felt like I was in the Wild West. You see, the wide streets are reminiscent of LA while the tall fa├žades of buildings on King Street felt like a movie set. Where’s my holster? Where are my boot spurs? (Where are my boots? That’s right, I forgot them at home).

Carriageworks is a truly cool building. A converted railyard, the new building integrates original brickwork, steel structure, tracks and actual machinery. It balances old and new in a great way, an inspiring locale for the arts.

The rest of the afternoon I dealt with cellphone troubleshooting and a job application that was supposedly never received. But I was committed to making things work, to understanding how things work and what people were saying. Ultimately, my cell now works and my job application is in just in the nick of time.

The evening we spent listening to poetry/performance of various levels of talent which was good fodder for deep discussion about the motivations of the local art-making community and questioning the substance of performance art, at least in that particular venue. I do very much enjoy the discussions I have with Tal and Nick about art and creativity and community… such fruitful fertile and stimulating conversation.

And on the way home, Nick hoisted me up on his shoulders to pick a mango perched invitingly over the sidewalk. It made for good laughs, sticky success but, alas, no photo. The best moments are the ones that stick in your mind, ephemerally evolving but which always draw a smile.

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