Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Yesterday was Australia Day (like Canada Day, but well, Australia). We had a big brunch for the occasion, complete with Australian things like Tim Tams and Vegemite. While the Tim Tams were delicious… who can say no to crunchy, chocolat-ey, deliciousness?... the Vegemite was another thing. It is concocted from the remains of beer production and contains little more than yeast and salt. Sure it may be the one product that contains a whole wallop of Vitamin B but eeech. Boy, was that stuff distasteful. SO salty, just completely unpleasant. Talya freaked out as I brought the thickly covered (and thus blackened) toast to my lips. My face said it all, scrunched up, shocked, in disbelief. How could anyone like this?

I completed another volunteer shift for the Sydney Festival before going to hang out at Darling Harbour with Paayal (a classmate from Harvard) and witnessed the fireworks. Boy were they something. Set to music, sailboats glided around as the harbour was set rhythmically ablaze, colourful and stunning. A few photos below to give you an idea, but they just don’t do it justice.

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ewa monika zebrowski said...

lovely, lovely!
get the feeling of the spectacle.