Friday, January 22, 2010

Hot, Hot Pink, and the Search for the Perfect Hat

My first week in Sydney, for the most part, has been quite temperate. It has been hot, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been slapping on the sunscreen at every opportunity and I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses. There have been nice cool breezes up until yesterday. The heat has set in and I wonder how long it will last (and how long it will take for my body and mind to adjust). [[although, looking at the forecast it looks like it won’t be as crazy hot, 43 degrees, as I previously head… very thankfully]]

Yesterday I spent the morning researching art venues around town and catching up on correspondence. As I was on my way out to open a bank account, get a yoga mat and do other odds and ends, I saw a HUGE bird – bigger than any North American raven I’ve ever seen – perched on a branch looking my way. I was taken aback. Birds have always had strange significance in my life, hawks have appeared at pivotal moments and, my mother is convinced, blue jays represent the reincarnation of my grandfather. Anyways, as I would later discover, this hunkering bird was actually a Channel-Billed Cuckoo. A symbol to wake up?

I walked through the heat into Newtown, opened my bank account and went to see a Lynette Wallworth exhibit at Carriageworks, an immersive and sensitive experience. I also met more of Talya’s colleagues before heading out to buy a yoga mat.

My choices of colour were limited. I could either do light pink or a hot dark bubblegum. When you go pink you may as well go all the way, right? Bubblegum it was. And I’m going to work it.

It’s been clear since I’ve arrived that I need to buy a hat. It is so bright in Sydney that a little additional protection is very necessary. As my search for a nice hat continues, I wish I were dumber because nothing fits! At least nothing I like so far. My big head. So the search and the adventures continue…

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