Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adventures: The Harbour and The Kitchen

Yesterday Talya and I decided to go on an adventure. It seemed a little preposterous that I’d been in Australia three days already and hadn’t been down to see the Harbour. We started off with some delicious breakfast (and FANTASTIC coffee – the best coffee I think I have ever tasted, seriously rivaling Italy) and then took the train. I definitely gasped audibly when I saw the Opera House for the first time. It is such a cutting edge-looking building even though it was built in the late 50s, early 60s. It’s creative geometry struck me as being a precursor of Frank Gehry’s creative forms. Just stunning. I can’t wait to go to a concert there next week (scored some free tickets through my volunteering stint with the Sydney Festival).

In the bright bright sun, Tal and I walked into the Botanical Gardens, full of flora, full of life. I saw ibis birds yet again, a bird that seemed to only exist for me in Egyptian papyrus scrolls. I saw bats hanging from trees and flying around. I saw a thriving lotus pond. We walked around and soaked it all in, walking through some of the garden and then sampling some of urban Sydney. A little sneak peak introduction to Sydney’s city centre.

After a lengthy walk back home, I decided to undertake some cooking. How else to really ground myself in another place? Ratatouille was on the menu. I decided to attempt Thomas Keller’s recipe (he consulted on the movie Ratatouille and the dish I was preparing yesterday was the piece de resistance from that animated film). Substituting a pureed squash base instead of a tomato sauce, I undertook the long process of roasting and the task of finely slicing (1/16 in. slices the recipe called for… HA!). After a good afternoon of cooking, and a long baking period in the oven, the creation emerged, beautiful, delicate, delicious. I loved the cooking, the cleaning, the keeping house… the makings of a housewife? It was fun, and Tal and Nick were raving, satisfied and happy. Deliciousness and success! Pictures to come.

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ewa monika zebrowski said...

i enjoy reading your posts!
you write so well, so vividly.
wonderful and interesting narrative,
always, full of interesting observations
and insights.
more photos svp!