Monday, September 04, 2006

Impending sleep

A 5pm flight was not such a fabulous idea, no of course it was, it meant coming to Italy one more time, finding a new city, an apartment and new adventures. But right now, having had very little sleep, and traipsing through what feels like semi consciousness, I am trying very hard to get through the first day, or afternoon, or thing, whatever this is. I am sitting in a little free Internet cafe (for which I need to get tea or juice or something to be able to wander the net forever (within reason) for FREE). I am a bit bummed that I don't have an Internet connection I can rely on more regularly, but who am I kidding, I just got here!

Writing blogs every day this summer was nice, and convenient. I had a job with lots of time to fill and plenty of time to daydream and write. Unfortunately this may be the first of only a few interspersed blog entries for this new adventure. I will still write, undoubtedly, but a lot more for myself and a lot less online-distracted. Will I be reduced to quick notes to friends? And large impersonal updates? What will life be without a constant Internet? I fear.

I arrived in Ferrara slightly disgusted. The train station was under construction, all I saw were high rise buildings towering up with what seemed like acne break out regions of sattelite dishes. I immediately thought I couldn't spend 5 months here. This was the boy who had been awake for 24 hours pretty non stop and was a bit cranky. But meeting my first two of a total three roomates brightened up may day and kick started the italian once more. I wonder what school will be like here, how busy I will be, what my new routine will be. Many more uncertains on this path. I'm glad I spilled some thoughts, even if I am floating in adrenaline levtating away from earth. Glad the roomies have coazed me into helping with a communal dinner. That I can do.

And tomorrow, a day of discoveries of the city, perhaps some writing, buying more essentials, finding new hotspots, being free of the Internet, seeing if the sheets and towels that are around feel right to me, doing Yoga, hugging my Canadian teddy Henderson and breathing in the hot hot Italian air. Summer sure is back. I'll sleep well tonight. Jet lag? No thank you.

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