Thursday, September 07, 2006

ferrarese fog

Today I woke up to a fog that obscured the view from my window, a cool mist descended from above to cool off the city. It made the sunlight white and thick. This will be a sight I will wake to often, since fog seems to be common in Ferrara, as is rain. But so far, none of that. Today was the first day of orientation and we learned all about the Italian university system and its laxaties and unpredictabilities, and other details of our next few weeks. Entering the classroom for the orientation center I felt at ease, somehow knowing that this place of learning would be once again my place only in a different city. Here the grades of everyone are posted publicly, teachers lecture and give out bibliographies, there is only one grade, the final oral exam, and it's up to you to learn whatever you want.

After all the orientation, I wandered around snapping photos in the light of the setting sun, walked into the cathedral and felt its voluminous space, and started to see the city differently. With my camera I start to seek details that I wouldn't see otherwise. I'm starting to sink into a routine that I enjoy, filled with writing, yoga, Italiano, sunlight and independence. Who could ask for more?

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