Monday, April 10, 2006

Capital F

I just see myself standing in the middle of the river, mouth pointed up towards the heavens, screaming. Yelling for the Gods to hear my frustration, letting all that anger out. Feeding the tension in my muscles out in breath, in sound. Release any way that makes you feel good, whatever is your practice. You're just as good as everyone else, it just hasn't materialized yet. Rejection somehow fuels me to try and succeed more. Rejection also makes me comedic. I will do what I want whether you sustain me or not, so HA! Look it up, I'll be up there some day, just not here, not with you people. I swim in the class of the elite and I am silently bubbling at the bottom of the river Styx, steeped in mud, you thought I was slothful. Capital F. Boo.

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