Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dipping into the Stream

At night I look up at the sky
the sky indulged in deep midnight blue
blue as my feelings dipped in lukewarm water
soaking, dripping dry
in the sun tomorrow they will wait
wait watching the rays of the hotness
as one after another passes by
twirling around over up down
as now it cycles in the midnight water
swimming, where inside men stroke rhythmically to no destination
I leave for Canada on Friday I think
Lost in thought, wishing you were back, smoking a cigarette
burning, marking me, heartshaped fire
night of death, diner, pancakes
thick maple syrup oozes over
and my eyes wander asleep
next to you past midnight
the darkness wraps me
carrying me from the arms of lady day
and you sing me a lullaby with notes of moon light
softly shining
cradling rocking
a mind lost again
to sleep and night


Why is mystery so sexy
sleek curves of silence
unheard, thousand possible names
I can call you anything
In my mind you will do anything that I desire
It makes me hot to think of possibility, ambiguity, undefined
You take many shapes and draw no lines
not drawing the chalk outline on the street
and curling into it to call it home

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