Saturday, March 18, 2006

What is it really?

If you think that passing glance excited you and made you take a second look, you were soon deceived. Your eyes begin to focus and you start to think, that's where it all goes wrong. The real answer is to loosen up and let those inhibitions slip off your shoulder, Madame X. Then, you'll be able to lose yourself in whatever you fancy. And, tomorrow, you probably won't remember through splitting beats.

Sculpt the body, sculpt the mind, until you cannot move another inch. When the two become fused into an irresistible whole, then you've liquefied desire. Maybe you too will come out of the sea and express all the carnality of Aphrodite. It's not explainable, it's a little bit of the divine, losing a bit of yourself, le petit mort... a trip around the moon and the sensation of swimming with the stars.

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