Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We shall grow old

You're growing old
growing hair in places
I've not yet discovered
You start forgetting me as I fade from your vision
You hallucinate wonders that don't exist;
leafy branches sprouting from out heads
We worry about you
We don't know what to do
You crumble before our eyes
Somewhere within you there is this supernatural will to live we cannot understand
You keep going
We keep envisioning the day you die
But you cancel that dream, you postpone the fateful day we all know is coming
We've seen you unravel as time continues spinning under your feet
And we look behind as another part of you falls to the ground
You keep walking
We are all worried, don't know what to do
You keep walking
And we keep walking too
Shades of yourself glimmer beneath the surface
As you fade from our vision and we fade from yours
There is no connection, we're losing you slowly
Your face is now unfamiliar
We try to piece together the words of your struggle
Smiling hopefully
Looking, wanting so much to make it work
But we can't help you
We can't
we're losing you
You're going away slowly,
falling out of reach
One day we'll forget you too,
forgetting how painful it was to be forgotten
to not be recognized before your eyes,
Although you smile at my being here, do you remember me at all?
Have you left me far behind already, just smiling because you haven't yet forgotten how?
You waste away and I wish I could hold on to you even more tightly
But I too grow tired seeing the grains of sand just fall out from my hands
Please stay
Don't go
I worry miles away, hearing of your slow decline, your slow fall into darkness,
your slow fall into a painful yet comforting darkness where you once again know nothing,
the freshness of a baby to the world
but this time your eyes close gently shut

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