Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After three days of rain and gloom, the sun and heat came back to Sydney. Yesterday, Talya and I started the day with a stop at Black Star Pastry, a cozy little storefront in Newtown. My latte was delicious, a silky smooth duo of espresso and textured milk. I didn't even use sugar it was so good! But the pastries are definitely the selling point of Black Star. Decadent and delicate. I had the Strawberry Watermelon Rose Cream, a layered almond cake that included a slice of watermelon (how refreshing!) and was piled up with strawberries, blueberries, pistachios and rose petals. Divine! Everything there looked delicious, including the ginger ninjas (think gingerbread men with attitude and more chocolate).

In the afternoon I walked around Paddington to visit a few galleries, drop off my CV as well as pop into the Australian Centre for Photography to review their shows. While all the art was well and good, the highlight of my afternoon was finding the Neild Avenue Maze. This miniscule and easily-missable park. A little non-descript sign indicates the park's entrance and all you can see is a hedge. But this waist-high hedge is actually a very manicured maze you can walk through. What I discovered walking through it, is that on the other side there is a little park with a few benches. A lovely little enclosed shaded spot. Easily my favourite little meditative patch of Sydney thus far.

Before heading to a Thank You Reception hosted by the Sydney Festival, I chilled out in Hyde Park. I snapped a few photos and, on my way to the reception, saw that the cockatoos had the same idea I had had: they were chilling out in the shade of the park, walking around on the grass!

Just a few moments from my life, more soon.

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ewa monika zebrowski said...

love those white cockatoos!
and the boxwood maze, reminiscent
of versailles gardens but with
an element of whimsy!