Thursday, February 25, 2010

Excuse Me, Where is the Toilet?

The ranting (or commentary on cultural and linguistic differences) continues...

If nature is calling, asking for the restroom or the washroom will just receive confused looks from the askee. If you are looking to relieve yourself, better just ask for the toilet. Excuse me, where is the toilet? Now to me that just seems brash. It's as if I am asking where the actual fixture which I need to use. Somewhat rude and crude, if you ask me. But that's the Australians for you, direct and to the point. Why use a euphemism when you can cut right to the chase?


Heidi said...

...right to the chase... or the loo :-)

BJDevine said...

Too right mate! were not about to beat about the bush here in OZ... what you think we are? haha.
Seriously, you have people look at you funny if you mention the words restroom or washroom? that is so obscure... I will be trying that in Melbourne. is there anything else you have found? I think this outside opinion is fascinating.
I must say though. How do you do? !?! How do you do... What??? How do you do the dishes? find the lavatory? walk in a straight line after a bottle of champagne? How do you do what???
Surely we Australians are fine with How are you today? that's a good one. or How are you? I think its the simple snobery of Sydneysiders to not want to acknowledge the simplicity of the actual english language.
But Keep it coming, I am loving the tid bits.
Now i must head to the Mens room, please excuse me!