Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Love-ly Day at the Art Gallery of NSW

"Religious people kill each other. Those who go to museums tend not to." Either Gilbert or George of Gilbert & George.

Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing pandemonium (or at least an easily thousand-person crowd) at the Art Gallery of NSW. Gilbert & George the influential and provocative British duo active in the 1960s and 1970s were visiting. They signed a Limited Edition Valentine's Card (which had sold out well before I arrived) and then spoke in an interview. They were quite the dapper and adorable duo. They spoke of their daily artistic practice, their background and topics of religion and world view amongst others. Quite often the crowd burst out laughing to their clever quips. Nice to see so many people out in appreciation of two great artists so engaged with life and their art.

Both before and after I enjoyed experiencing the art of Tatzu Nishi, a Japanese Cologne-based artist. The installations, part of the Kaldor Public Art Projects, involved constructing intimate spaces around the two equestrian sculptures flanking the front of the Gallery of NSW. A stunning transformation that reframes monumental statues and causes a confrontation of scale and environment.


ewa monika zebrowski said...

i do not really understand what the installation is about, neither
from your description nor from the photos...please explain more...

Mandy said...

Oh I was there today, had my Valentine card signed and must say I was very excited, they were so divine and very funny. I just love their way of looking at the world,if only we had men like that in power !!!!!