Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dragons Fly

Lately, I don't know why, I've been noticing dragonflies everywhere I go. And I don't believe in mere coincidences. I believe in personal omens.

The other day, exiting my house in Montreal, I spotted the largest shiny green dragonfly I've ever seen. It buzzed around staying in my line of sight until the end of the road. Its power made me smile, its lightness gave me buoyancy.

Dragonflies, those marvelous creatures with stained glass wings flit about in any direction with prowess. They harness a certain power, flying from water to air, wherever they please. From what I have read, these insects represent a mature sense of self, unfettered by self-created illusions. They are fully invested in growth and living their short lives fully. Resplendent with light, balancing emotions and mental clarity, they buzz effortlessly through life.

It seems these little creatures popping into my field of vision represent the great maturity I have been culturing at this point in my life. I am filled with hope for the future as I myself prepare to fly over the Atlantic.

I believe in personal omens. We only see the signs we want to see, and the natural world has been catching my eye. I am filling with hope and determination, filling with light...

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ewa monika zebrowski said...

a lovely, very visual posting!
gives me goosebumps!
depth and simplicity coinciding.