Monday, August 30, 2010

[By chance, I witness nature.]

By chance, I witness nature. Circling above
the trees hawks fly, first
one, then a pair, always promising
strength, challenge, and a far-reaching view.

On walks, dragonflies have drifted in
on their erratic flights, full of light
confident mature spirits, gliding, glinting,
stained glass wings ablur in the heat.

Amidst celebrations of a wedding, a monarch
butterfly floats in the surrounding meadow,
giving the couple a fluttering benediction.

And this morning, sitting up in bed half-awake, I saw
a mighty heron perched at the end of the rocks, at the sea.
It stayed as I approached before taking flight, before the rising
sun. A blessing for a journey of grace and nobility, self-reliance,
a curious exploration, swooping over the water.

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