Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Words by Amelia : Leave Room For God

Amelia is one of those few yoga teachers who really just gets me grooving on my mat, accepting, opening, stretching on out. I'm really honoured to count her as one of my friends and to know such a wise calm and nurturing spirit radiating in the world. I am doubly honoured and touched by the words she recently penned... [words and image shared with permission from Amelia]

so i was watching this maxwell video that comes with the iTunes download, and he's talking about his personal and therefore musical evolution over the course of the past years that he's been out of the public eye. he was discussing the live show he's developed with his band, communicating the understanding that it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be precious, it can be a little dirty, it shoudn't be learned too well, and to "leave room for god."

i stopped the video. the concept hit me like the needles of a big fresh beach wave.

i've heard the term before. i've used it on strangers who have sidled up too close to me in public places, like the ruler the nuns would wedge between seventh graders at the catholic school dance, as if god was only twelve inches wide. but woah.

i don't believe in god-with-a-big-white-beard-in-the-sky, so you can substitute whatever word you like, you can take the "o" out of the middle, you can capitalize it, you can add -dess at the end, you do you.

but wow. leave room for god.

leave room for god in music so that the notes play you instead. so that god moves in the spaces between the lines of the melody and breathes literal inspiration into the musician as divine medium. oracle.

leave room for god in yoga so that you have space to breathe and move and stay.

leave room for god in your relationships, don't hold so tight that you squeeze the god out of the other person. god will float between you, strong complete individuals.

leave room for the god between you and your child, so that which created can continue to connect and nourish while stretching sometimes miles and miles. leave room for the god in your child that she or he may find it and radiate it.

leave room for god in your life's calling so that you can be --- do --- have [as they say] in that order.

leave room for the god on the bus, under your feet, in the rain, in the most mundane places and at the taj mahal.

leave room for god as you witness those loosening their hold on this life and know that they have to go alone but they'll never be alone.

leave room for god and you can only be safe.

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