Monday, February 09, 2009

turn around

last night, a return, Toronto to Montreal.
today, a departure, Montreal to New York.
can you say turnaround?

part of my vow for 2009, besides putting myself in more social situations that make me feel uncomfortable, was to travel more. here we have a crash coincidence of a short weekend jaunt and a 4-day business trip.

it's strange to unpack and repack in less than 24-hours.

your roots don't sink down, your roots are always in you.

Toronto surprised me. Since birth, being a Montrealer, it was accepted that I just did not like Toronto.

A long history of rivalry told me so.

But I found Toronto buzzing with life, fun and funky, and terribly efficient.

I caught up with old friends from 2, 3, and 7 years passed. I found some new faces, I discovered new places.

I was charmed by the funky artsy life that exists along Queen Street West. Toronto's edgy architecture, from the new addition of the ROM devouring the old building, to the playful design of Frank Gehry's AGO, to the positively wild OCAD (black and white, up in the sky).

Everywhere I traveled there was a woman's voice, automated, a constant guide. Next stop Spadina. I think I fell in love with the font in the subway.

And now, a wrestling match with suitcases
[wrestling matching suit cases].

Excitement simmers.

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