Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars: The Good and The Bad

Some quick moments, the highs and lows of the night... The Oscars started off classy in their radiant new home, but bumbling presentations, awry musical compilations, and long-winded montages weighed the awards down. In the end however, some touching moments, eloquent Actor presentations and a few good jokes redeemed the bad touches. Can you ever really tarnish the glamour and allure of Hollywood?

Kate Winslet trades her shampoo bottle for an Oscar, and finds her whistling father.

Jessica Biels unfortunately fails to hide an extra yard of fabric from her dress.

The eloquent quints of past best (supporting) actor winners having one-on-one monologues to the nominees.

Sophia Loren pulls off hooker/bride-of-frankenstein/tanning-salon-junkie perfectly.

Slumdog Millionaire sweeps the Oscars.

Slumdog cinematographer becomes a slumdog himself and wears white Crocs to the Oscars. Classy, real classy.

Hugh Jackman charmed us with his pipes and his quips at the beginning of the show, but otherwise should have shelved it. He should have veto'd that medley from hell...

Penelope Cruz stuns us with a 60-year-old vintage Blamain gown.

Meryl Streep and her daughter go recession-chic (make that recession-ick) with their monochrome uninteresting dresses.

Mickey Rourke rocks out the Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Tina Fey and Steve Martin give us a barrel of laughs, and more laughs, and more laughs.
Quote: "someone once said to write is to live forever. the man who said that is now dead."

The elegant brand-spanking-new Oscar set.

God bless the Japanese, they can't speak English, but they can make films. And are oh so thankful. Arigato.

Heath Ledger's family give an eloquent and articulate trio of acceptance remarks.

Queen Latifah comes out with a surprise: a beautiful ballad to accompany the industry's fallen.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are officially the hottest losers ever.

Angelina keeps it simple with a sleek black dress and dazzling emerald jewelry.

Will Smith flubs (outSOUNDing...) and throws out a "stick of dynamite that goes boom"

Slumdog cutiepies make it from India and share their infectious smiles (along with Director Danny Boyle's) on the stage at the conclusion of the evening.

Those movie montages (except for documentary) were just a waste of my time.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Daniel Craig should have gone over the script before presenting their trio of awards. Train wreck.

Previews of the films for 2009, nice ending touch.

Sean Penn addressing Hollywood for what they are: commy homo-loving son-of-a-guns

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