Sunday, February 15, 2009

power of pop

lately, i've come to realize more and more how much individual is subsumed in a larger body. let me try and explain. each of us walks around leading our lives, writing our stories, spinning at the center of our own universes. we believe ourselves to be special, unique. and we are. that is fact. no one has lived our lives, no one has our network of connections, no one has our exact mixture of personality traits and pitfalls.

at the same time though, your opinions, whether they be about TV shows, political decisions, current events or red-carpet attire, are invariably shared by others. Others will have witty, hilarious, wry or clever comments. Who is heard depends on who is listening (your friends on facebook...), or who is holding your soapbox (...or the NYT, perhaps?).

beyond the fact of individual fame depending on networks, there is also a power in the masses, the devotees of pop culture. last night, i went to a So You Think You Can Dance Canada concert, showcasing the top ten favorite dancers of the Canadian people. I was part of a mass of people, spread across a number of demographic groups (although predominantly young and female).

What I appreciated most about the night was the fact that when dances of strong emotional value or high technical finesse concluded, the crowd knew it had seen a great display of honesty or talent. And they stood, and they clapped. And I stood and I clapped. And I realized a certain complicity. And then and there, I realized the power of pop culture.

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