Saturday, December 09, 2006

Le weekend

After chilling out in the colourful Georges Pompidou library for more wandering than working, I headed back to the hostpad to grab so,e dinner and rest the weary legs before heading out for a night on the town. It is nice that clubs close really late and not at 2 (even though my body would hear nothing about staying up past 2) and that there are night buses all night long. Promotes festivity, un peu de joie de vivre.
So now for the weekend, dedicated to more catching up and hanging out than tourism, perhaps lazy walks through fun neighbourhoods. Soak up the rhythm of a different tongue, the melodics of a different city, the heartbeat of a different city. The sun is out and let's hope I won't hqve to battle with the elements any longer and, instead of charging at the wind and rain with my umbrella, just walk pensively down la rue.

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