Friday, December 01, 2006

Here I am, already

It's December. Tonight I am going to meet my mother in Venice. It’s strange, we talked about this eventual meeting so very long ago and, well, here it is. Time is a pretty weird thing, it expands, shrinks, runs, limps. It has been three months since I last saw my mother. My hair is longer, I’ve been exposed in an all Italian environment for long amounts of time, maybe I’ve grown, maybe I’ve lost weight, maybe I’ve changed. Even though I have been speaking with her on an almost daily basis, it is still possible that aside from those little cell phone conversations, I’ve become a different Stefan, a Stefano if you will. But who knows…

With this meeting of the mother in Venice, there are only three more weeks before I will be on a plane headed for Montreal to celebrate the holidays with all those people I have missed so much. And it is almost over, already. What? Where did it all go? What happened in all that time? That’s the thing about time, it never stops, it just keeps going no matter what. Trekking valiantly forward, with time you should try to face life with the same attitude, always moving, always thinking. In my life of constant reflection, I like to think I am doing something right. Well, enough of sitting back, time to go with time, go with the flow and get up and go.

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