Wednesday, June 07, 2006

save the last dance for me

Inspired by a recent encounter with the Canadian crooner's (Michael Buble) rendition of the classic...

Just go...
Well we've already gone
Already split our separate ways
But now I let go of your hand
And spin around the dance floor
as you step the other way

You can dance all the rest of your dances
with the guy who gives you the eye
You can smile all the rest of your smiles
for the man who brought you close
Just remember not to give your heart away
and save the last dance for me

I know we may lose touch and forget
the feeling of being in each other's arms
Somehow we'll dance back across each other's path
look deep and see how far we've really danced
having maybe waltzed the night away on the moon
or tangoed across the milky way
perhaps, sadly, we'll have drifted to other planets

Maybe touch and sight will bring us back from distant dances
recalling just where we left,
rewind the kiss-walk-away
and bring you back in my arms

But for now, go and dance the night away
I'll waltz here by myself for tonight
but will go out dancing once again
How far I'll be able to go, I don't know
Because I can't forget the last dance
I've saved the last dance for you

1 comment:

naila=) said...

that was really a sweet poem stefan -hope italy is being amazing to you -send pictures mon grand!