Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I never thought I would be one of those people. You know the ones with the umbrellas that are turned inside out? The ones that frantically try to get their umbrella to flip back to the right side and stop getting wet. The ones who bought an umbrella that was too cheap to actually work. I am one of those people. And it is rainy, windy and wet.
I sure hope that this doesn't set the tone for the day. I'm excited about today; I have a job interview which looks promising, I've only got 2 hours of class, and this is the day I can actually get ahead on some work. But Boston and Cambridge seem to really have it in for me, raining all the time. Welcome to Massachusetts. I'd enjoy rain if I didn't have a place to go, if I didn't have a schedule. I'd probably call up my friends and have them join me in a frolick in the sky sent wetness. Post rain warmth is always the best. Knee-down wetness is not.
Last time it rained, I went to a comedy show and, afterwards, went to the river to sing to the largest open space I knew. Under an umbrella, singing random tunes, I must have looked insane. But I felt great. Because when you sing properly, you feel like you can sing forever- pushing the air out of those abs and delicately manipulating the vocal chords to wavering sweetness. Then, rain doesn't really matter anymore.

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brainygirl said...

I, too, have been that umbrella-less person!
Your blog is lovely, dahhhling, even if you are my brother...Must run in the family, the gift of turning an eloquent, wrenching phrase; too much longing and waiting...