Monday, October 17, 2005

And then I realized I, too, was human

I had a moment, typing furiously last night. I was writing up my automatic writings from the week, 70 pages worth (scribbles and stuff... 10 pgs a day). Anyhoo, a lot came out of it. A lot of frustration, a lot of tension, a lot wrestling with a void love life. But when I finished, I was refreshed, I felt alive again. Electric. I somehow realized that in looking for love (basically pining away while nothing happens... real passive) I was focusing on an invisible void and not on the loving friends that existed right under my nose. So laugh, smile, love, kiss... don't worry about what people think. You're friends are people you love they should know. You should be weird, wild. Go and sing to the river and life will sure be beautiful.
And this matter of love, it needs to be settled. If we all wait around doing nothing, no one will be asked out, no one will gain experience, no one will get any lovin'. So go make mistakes, big beautiful ones. I'm endorsing a new philosophy, I know it. Sing to the river, breathe in wide open spaces, tackle your dreams, have sex often (yes I said sex, and often). We're sexual animals, negotiating politics and putting yourself down will just make you frustrated. There's a big beautiful world out there and it all starts with hello, meeting new folks, blundering, stuttering. One big mistake after another. Some woman named Colette once said : You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm. Never been so true.


Anonymous said...
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RK said...

This post made me happy. Thank you Stefan!

smoothguy said...

right on, man! i couldn't have said it better!