Monday, July 18, 2005

Turn up the stress

Turn it up, until my head starts beating, until I feel like bleeding. You've gone and buried me, lil help? I'm not die-ing I assure you, a little stress from work can go a long way. I soon lose myself under the weight, the curses continue, the ache grows. Just a little spark ignites the fire, the crisps the landscape. And, without intention, you've lost yourself and the green path you walked thus far.

Those who tred lightly, who take care to caress the Earth with their feet, will, in the end, be redeemed. Those who listen to the beat of their heart and allow its dance to take over their body will shine. Those who breathe the air in delicate intakes will sing full songs to the wild. Those who smile without thinking will draw my attention. And I will smile back.

They came in droves. To sweat. To grind their bodies to the floor. To lose a little bit of themselves. They heard of this promised land, a land of cream and sweets, of milk and honey. And so they sought a connection to the Eternal. They came in droves, ripping their clothes and throwing dust on their heads in despair, in repentance. For they had fallen away and worshipped another. Idolized their own selves, lusted for divine attention. Only to fall away into the dark. And then they went in droves.

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