Friday, July 15, 2005

So it begins

And I am left standing here in the clearing, in the silence. Without music, I start hearing new sounds. Rustling in the trees, the breathing of leaves. The heavy sighs of the earth underfoot start to unstable my ground. It is in silence that I start to lose my self-confidence. When I am totally alone with the world, and its unheard rhythm.

Then people start to arrive, glances of desire blushed on their faces. As if ambushed, I am left not knowing what to do, how to react. I start scanning their faces, artificially covered, disguised. Who they are I am not quite sure, but I'll pierce their eyes, get through where it is most vulnerable. Let them know they are indeed wanted, sought after, if only to know who they truly are.

And thus the dance begins, a two person tango. Mirrored footsteps, locked eyes. The world beyond connected irises doesn't exist in this moment, focus is intent. I need to know what lies beyond that facade of carefully laid artistry. You need to stop, and want to lock into me. When you stop putting up that front you will be able to see further into me and sweat off the paint. And we walk around each other, closening. I can see the dripping paint, the single line of sweat dripping down your face. And all I can do is smile because you've started to fly towards the light, fogetting what is rational and what is life.

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