Thursday, July 21, 2005

A taste for travel

I've become giddy reading about all these wonderful cities worldwide. Secretly, there are plans in the works to put together a European tour of some sort, hit up the major cities for a first taste of the continent. A British passport sure comes in handy.

There would be nothing more liberating than to backpack the continent, witnessing a continent so steeped in history, meshing with other travelers equally curious about those parts and creating ephemeral connections. Can't get to grounded.

The inner traveler wants to branch out and let the world teach him what it has to learn. Get lost on another continent, fall ill to diseases of foreign tongues, let loose. Writing a travel guide just seems dishonest when the only places I've been are two major cities, and with my parents at that. It may be lonely sure, but loneliness isn't necessarily a bad thing. It lets you reflect, discover, explore.

There is a world out there and I am just waiting to see what it can offer me.

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