Sunday, October 03, 2010

Watercolour (work in progress)

Inspired by London, I want to write more about how the fabric of watercolour paper, the bleeding of colour work as perfect metaphors and illustrations to the rainy life of of this city...


Syncopated pitter-pat,
rain falls at my window,
the pane, static beads
and trailing tears.

A melancholy blue
tinges the air, bled
from the dome of St. Paul’s,
three-hundred-year-old grey,
aged and spreading across
the woven parchment of sky.

Light hangs suspended,
a tuile veil unfurled across
supporting the weighted clouds.


Anonymous said...

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Like this one a lot!

ewa monika zebrowski said...

such delicate words convey the fleeting feeling of london rain and the pastel beauty of those who chose to paint the vistas of this city in watercolours...emz

Heidi Wiedemann said...

this is beautiful stef...