Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Individual Body

A few weeks ago I went to a "Core Empowerment" workshop. I went because, for a long time, I've felt that I haven't been connecting to my core. Or maybe it was because I wanted great abs, or something. Too often I find myself wishing for some sort of super toned body that just seems impossible to achieve. Don't we all compare ourselves to others? Prod ourselves, torture ourselves, complain about the way we look, wish we looked different than we do? But over the course of the workshop, I began to realize that all that pining and torturing and wishing was all for naught.

If I wanted to get crazy abs, maybe I could take some supplements, go to the gym and do target exercises and get superficial results superfast. But that isn't my style, since I believe in a more holistic workout and relying simply on my own body weight to build strength. But I also learned in this workshop was that the real barometer of abdominal strength has nothing to do with external appearances. You can have a six pack and be weak, you can have a no-pack and be super strong. It's the individual that counts.

Your individual body knows which exercises make it groove into health, make it radiate. Your body processes movement in its own way. I can be in the best shape of my life and still only be mildly toned. It's quite special to take pride in your body for what it is, learning the way it shines, accepting its unique shape of health.

I may go to yoga classes for the community, but ultimately, it is my own individual journey, discovering the complexities of my psyche, harnessing the strength of my body. Once I lose all the comparisons and doubts, I can get to an individual place of power, focus and light.

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