Thursday, September 10, 2009


At this moment in the film adaptation of Anne Michaels's Fugitive Pieces, I had a moment of my own. There was a beautiful symmetry, a longing that echoed, went beyond the gesture of the little boy, gestures mirrored, a constellation begun. My mind extrapolated into emotion.


Vincent said...

Are you recommending the film? I'm not impressed by the reviews I've read.

Stefan said...

I read the book and then saw the movie. I very much enjoyed the book and consider myself to be a very open (perhaps somewhat naive) viewer. I found the film quite moving.

Rent the movie, take a chance, what can you lose but 1.5h of your life?

Vincent said...

Thanks Stefan, I agree it is best to read the book first and be an open viewer!

perezvila™ said...

I enjoy very much when i read a book, and all the characters have a face, a body, a certain decoration in their places, as i picture them in my mind, and then, i see the movie, and ... everthing is so different to what i though.
I didnt read this book, or watch the movie, either, but i'll try to find both here.

Your final picture of the gnochis doesnt look so bad!!