Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ode to the Boot

Today, with a chill in the air, I decided it was time. It was time to wear my boots.

Back in March, I went out to California for the first time and for a good long while I had had riding boots on my mind. i had even placed a bet on an old pair of English Police Boots on eBay (only to be outbid at the last millisecond). After a wondrous (and wondrously filling) culinary tour of L.A.'s Farmer's Market and its surroundings, my best friend Angela and I strolled through the nearby outdoor mall, called The Grove, and popped into Barney's Coop. I was looking for the latest from Canadian fashion twin brothers, the Burkman Brothers. Not only did I find a few items of theirs (which I merely looked at), I saw them. Beautiful brown leather boots. On sale.

And today I wore them - strolling confidently down the street to the resonant clomp of my own boots. There sure is something to be said for the acoustics of footwear. The clomp (not the arrogant stomp) of a boot is only second to the click/clatter of a well made dress shoe. man, is it ever empowering. And sexy too.

After a day in the boots, I just had to write a little piece - nothing like the pre-winter autumnal brown leather boot.


Abby B said...

those. are. hot.

Vincent said...

Stefan, I've linked to this in a comment on my latest post Tooting Broadway dude, an ironic tale of shopping with a happy outcome, and disquisition on dandyism in general, as a form of spiritual discipline.

Your piece is concise & excellent.

Thomas said...

love them

Anonymous said...

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