Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Boston: Comforts and Discomforts

Returning to Cambridge made me both excited and nervous. In a way, it felt like a home-coming, the places familiar, my new home a cooperative house literally one block over from my apartment of two summers ago. My first night saw the death of my cellphone charger (panic! my line of communication!) and the mass making of chili in the coop kitchen (hoorah for sharing and communal living), thus full excitement.

Tomorrow begins the adventure of Career Discovery at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. I've heard excellent things and I've heard scary things. The Architecture program is supposed to be top notch and intense. It is also supposed to consume your life. For 6 weeks? I'm all in.

I'll hopefully be blogging more about the trials and tribulations of the program and provide a window into my developing design process.

Stay tuned.

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