Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking Flight

This past weekend I ventured down to DC for the weekend to visit very dear friends and former roommates and while the weekend was cathartic, loving my time just hanging out, existing in that comfortable space of friendship, unfettered, relaxed, smiling.

On my way home, as on my way there, I took flight in an Embraer jet. For some reason, flying in this type of plane made me more aware of the plane's orientation to the horizon and every jerk of the plane on gusts of air. A squeeze to my heart every time. I'm not usually a nervous flier... but I went with it. Still I felt delicate coming off the plane, occupying a strange emotional and frail space of sensation. And it made me think...

Flying really is an incredible thing. Here you are, a human being, flying up at 29,000 feet. In the air. Going who knows how fast towards distant destinations. Really quite incredible. It should only be natural that you are launched into an ephemeral and delicate space of sensation.

Thus, I relished it. Just thought I'd share.

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