Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Importance of Ritual.

Namaste starts my every morning. It doesn't come quite at the beginning, but somewhere near the start, after many conscious deep breaths and some yoga. Having this ritual keeps me grounded, solid, strong.

The beginning does, after all, set the rest of the day into motion. Even if you get up on the wrong side of the bed, perhaps a ritual could correct the course.

I like to write emails to dear ones in the morning when my mind is fresh and the cogs begin to whir happily at the thought of a friend.

I often eat the same thing every morning, some cereal and a piece of fruit and perhaps a glass of water.

I'm also a morning shower person.

Generally I am a morning person. Even on weekends I get up around 7 or 8.

In falling into a routine, you can worry about other things, instead of trying to start that proverbial motor of the mind, revving the motor to start.

I am not the first to discover the morning routine, Daily Routines showcases the routines of many writers, artists and other interesting people do in getting their craft started.

Today, I was particularly energized by my routine. And Namaste stuck with me. In Sanskrit, this salutation means 'the divine in me recognizes the divine in you'. For some reason this phrase has a wondrous beauty to me, leveling judgment and seeing that in everybody that ties us all together. A simple acknowledgment of the marvel which is the human being. So today, on the bus, I tried to connect with others, not outwardly, but by quieting the monologue of judgment and thought and changing the course of how I personally related to others. And I smiled a little more.

How happy I am that after a little time, I've come to realize the weight and profundity of that strange little word that punctuates my every morning.

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